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Enjoy life in the flourishing West End

Founded in the 1830's, the historic West End has catapulted into the 21st century. Born from cotton warehouses, textile mills, and bottling manufactures, today's West End is a district filled with a unique and thriving culture, populated with independent shops, restaurants, art studious, and plenty of entertainment.

In every great city there are districts, boroughs defined by character, architecture, and location. Greenville is rapidly becoming one of those great cities. The North Main, Sullivan, Main Street, and West End communities are just a few of the districts developing within our city, bringing transplants, business owners, and artists alike. Framed by the Reedy River, the West End is for anyone looking to explore the most up-and-coming part of Greenville.

Perimeter is modeled after Greenville's big city aspirations, after metropolitan life, hotel amenities, and refined, upscale design—all while maintaining the comfort of home, and a southern state of mind. Located a mere block away from shops, restaurants, and the Greenville Drive Stadium, Perimeter offers resident's the immediate pleasures of downtown, while simultaneously offering the close proximity of the West End's soaring development, including the much-anticipated West End, City Park.

The development's location offers convenient access to the Swamp Rabbit Trail and close proximity to the Krocs Community Center. Compounded with building's courtyard pool, rooftop lounge, and in-home access to a café and salon, Perimeter offers a Plaza like experience all while maintaining Greenville's southern integrity.

Perimeter is now welcoming all, from the adventurers and amenity advocates, to the hotel aficionadas and city life enthusiasts. Reserve your home today, and own your piece of this flourishing city and this up-and-coming district.

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